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I’m Rachael. I’m a licensed clinical social worker striving to help individuals navigate the uncertainties in life and work towards transformance and becoming unstuck. Few of us get through life without experiencing struggle and challenge. Being human can be inherently painful at times with unexpected losses, relationship problems, life stressors, or other experiences that challenge our resilience and resourcefulness. The pandemic has put so many of us in acute stages of panic, grief, burnout, isolation, reflection, languishing, and transition. Even as we are moving through, you may be noticing increases in restlessness, anxiousness, sadness, or confusion. I hear you, see you, and feel this with you. 

Prior to opening this practice, I spent a number of years working in an outpatient mental health and medical clinic, with individuals with a range of issues including complex trauma, substance abuse, severe mental illness, grief, and chronic health issues. This work has been deeply meaningful and challenging. Time and time again, I have found that when you feel connected with your therapist, the experience can be transformative. 

I identify as a clinical social worker, a therapist, an empath, and a social justice advocate. I also identify as a Black-biracial cisgendered heteronormative, queer-affirming, and a spiritually-curious woman. I come from a multiracial, culturally Jewish, and blended family. I'm also a proud Bay Area native, a mother, a trauma survivor, someone managing their own mental health journey, and a constant student. I approach life with curiosity. I work hard to acknowledge the areas where I hold privilege and deeply cherish the importance of fluidity and non-binaries in life. Like you, I am ever growing and appreciate the power of repair when the inevitable misstep occurs.


Smith College School for Social Work, MSW, 2015

UC Berkeley Law School, JD, 2009

Oberlin College, BA Biopsychology (multidisciplinary studies in neuroscience and psychology), 2004


Certification in Perinatal Mental Health, Postpartum Support International (PSI) 

EMDRIA Certified EMDR practitioner

AEDP Level 2 Therapist


AEDP Essential Skills 1 Training, Summer 2021 

EMDR Part 1&2 Trainings, 2021

PSI Certification of Completion Program for Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal Mental Health Training (Bringing Light to Motherhood), Winter 2020

AEDP Immersion Course, Fall 2020

Clinical Coalition of Social Work (CCSW), Extension Division Program: Year One, 2019 

San Francisco Veterans Affairs, CBT Training  (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), 2014

San Francisco Veterans Affairs, IPT (Interpersonal Therapy), 2014