Mothers and their Baby


Welcome. Whatever brings you to therapy, my hope is that our work together can facilitate a space to allow all nuances and versions of yourself to exist.

We can let go of any shame or secrecy,  allowing words we may not say to anyone else to finally escape from our lips enabling the process of growth and healing to begin.  

It takes courage to reach out and share your story with another person, particularly if you fear that by connecting with your emotions, you may open up the flood gates. 

We are partners in this process. My role is to meet you where you are, accompany you, bear witness to your experiences, and reflect and collaborate on the path you wish to follow. Our space together will be safe, relational, and authentic, so that we can delve deeply into your self-discovery. 

You possess inherent strength. I believe that all clients are experts in their own lives and it is my job to help discover your innate capacity for healing and growth. Let’s find what is most meaningful to you and find ways for you to embody that today.